Recap of European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) in Tel Aviv, Israel

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Last week I attended the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) in Tel Aviv, Israel. Check out my personal summary.

The conference were two big firsts for me:

  1. Attending a major computer vision conference in person 🍀
  2. Travelling to Israel ✈️


During the workshops in the first two days, I did workshop hopping in order to attend the talks I was interested in the most. However, sometimes schedules got mixed up and I missed the talk I intended to hear. In the end, I attended talks by Alexei Efros, Alex Kendall, Dragomir Anguelov, and others.

  • transformers are heavily on the rise
  • language gets involved into all computer vision areas
  • NERFs are hot and take over for GANs
  • domain adaptation and open world scalability is highly discussed

Some Personal Remarks

  • Inside it’s freezing cold - always pack a thick sweater when attending conferences in hot climate ❄️
  • Most relaxing workshop was the unofficial workshop of swimming in the Mediterranean Sea 🐟
  • Israeli food is great, but the hummus is a bit too bitter 🍩
  • The ECCV organizers really know how to party and make a great reception 🎠

There are many more things to say. All together I’m grateful for the people I met and the new things I learned. I’m looking forward to the next in-person events.

Would I attend again? Yes, definitely!