Successfully defended my PhD thesis

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I got my Christmas present early this year - it’s a PhD 🤯

👩‍🎓 Yesterday, I successfully defended my PhD thesis titled “LiDAR Domain Adaptation - Automotive 3D Scene Understanding” at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

I thank the exam committee for creating a relaxed atmosphere for my talk and the exam questions. Special thanks go to my academic supervisor J. Marius Zöllner and my co-examiner Markus Enzweiler who guided me the last four years on my PhD journey and gave valuable advice.

A big thank you goes to my industrial advisor David Peter who did not only teach me a lot and gave great technical input, but also made sure that I keep my sanity and constantly encouraged me whenever I wanted to give up.

There are many more people that supported me and that should be thanked, especially my colleagues at Mercedes-Benz.

Since the list would be too long, I only mention my office room mates here: Stefan Baur, David Emmerichs, and Christoph Rist. I miss our discussions, bad puns, coding battles in the lunch brake, and just having you around. I’m sure you all will have your PhDs soon too 😉

🎓 The amazing hat will have a special place in my home and encourage me to continue my academic pursuits.