CNN-based synthesis of realistic high-resolution LiDAR data

Published in IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), 2019

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This paper presents a novel CNN-based approach for synthesizing high-resolution LiDAR point cloud data. Our approach generates semantically and perceptually realistic results with guidance from specialized loss-functions. First, we utilize a modified per-point loss that addresses missing LiDAR point measurements. Second, we align the quality of our generated output with real-world sensor data by applying a perceptual loss.

In large-scale experiments on real-world datasets, we evaluate both the geometric accuracy and semantic segmentation performance using our generated data vs. ground truth. In a mean opinion score testing we further assess the perceptual quality of our generated point clouds. Our results demonstrate a significant quantitative and qualitative improvement in both geometry and semantics over traditional non CNN-based up-sampling methods.

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