A ES ES A - my name written in music

This weekend marked the begin of me being a scholar of the 19. year of the Bronnbacher Scholarship. The topic of the opening weekend was music. It was splendidly arranged by the conductor Anna-Sophie Brüning and the curator of the Bronnbacher Scholarship, Konstantin Adamopoulos.

I was fascinated how a group of people that do not know each other, have random instruments, and largely did not even know how to play their instruments were able to play the second waltz by Schostakowitsch by the end of the day. Besides that we also learned how do do conducting and how important body language is.

The Bronnbacher Scholarship was initiated by the Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft in 2004 to support the cultural education of prospective leaders early in their studies, motivating them to assume social responsibility in their future decision-making roles. Inspiration, creativity, intuition, and the ability to change perspectives are the basis for long-term success in today’s world of business and knowledge. Through its cultural education program, the Kulturkreis provides future leaders with new and creative approaches to the challenges of professional life.