Last week I attended the IEEE ITS Society Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV) in Aachen. Check out my personal summary.

The workshops (Sunday):

In the morning, I hosted the workshop „Autonomy@Scale“ together with my co-organizers Cristóbal Curio and Syed Saqib Bukhari. The room was full, which can be attributed to our amazing speakers Tim Fingscheidt, Matthias Rottmann, Matthias Niessner, and George Basem Eskandar, as well as the contributed papers.

In the afternoon, I joined the workshop „Unsupervised Learning for Automated Driving“, organized by Fabian Flohr and Julian Kooij. I particularly enjoyed the discussion round in the end, where we were able to exchange thoughts with the speakers Claudius Gläser, Daniel Kondermann, and Holger Caesar.

The conference (Monday – Wednesday):

The following three days of the conference, I attended some of the talks, but most of the time I talked to a lot of people. Some of the conversations were during the poster sessions, but the majority were held at our Mercedes-Benz AG booth. It was great to finally meet some people in person that I have only seen virtually before and also to get to know new faces and potential new colleagues.

But new colleagues aside, I was also very happy to spend some time with my current colleagues, some of which I also have never met in person before. Thanks to all of these guys for making this a great booth experience.

Personal Conclusion:

IV in Germany is like a big family gathering. You know half of the people and you can have great conversations that may lead to one or another collaboration. Also, I liked organizing the workshop and would love to do it again. Next time, however, I will try harder to make our speaker selection more diverse and would also like to see that in the main conference.

Looking forward to see you next time!